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A Huawei Y6 2019 Review – A Complete Review For You

huawei y6 2019 review

Huawei Y6 2019 Review

What Do You Know About Huawei Y6?

The Huawei Y series is a smartphone that has been launched by the manufacturing giant of China. This model comes with a powerful chipset and gives you a great visual experience. This handset is very different from other Chinese devices as it has a dual camera on one hand along with a mini-USB flash drive that can be used to download movies or to upload pictures. You can also do a lot of stuff with the data storage. So, this smartphone is suitable for anyone who has grown tired of using the same old handset. This review will tell you more about this remarkable smartphone.

Huawei Y6 2019 Review– Multi-Touch Screen

The biggest characteristic of this smartphone is the gorgeous multi-touch screen that looks absolutely stunning. The handset runs on a single LED flash and comes with a fingerprint scanner that is located on the side of the home button. This sensor can utilise to control the smartphone. Apart from this, the phone also comes with a main camera on one side, a barcode scanner and a few other features.

Impressive Camera

One thing that really attracts people towards this smartphone is its camera function. The lens is one of the best in the market and has a decent resolution. This lens is also capable of taking high quality videos. Another interesting thing about the camera function on this smartphone is the fact that it has an optical zoom which helps in taking better pictures.

One more useful feature of the smartphone is its camera. You can take good pictures even in dimly lit places. The camera of the HTC Y series has been greatly enhanced with the help of the 12 mega pixel rear camera. You can download lots of interesting images from the internet and you can also edit them in the camera application. Apart from the fantastic camera there is another useful feature of the huawei y6 series which is the GPS connectivity.

Facial Recognition Technology

Another feature that we find very good on this smartphone is its facial recognition technology. In fact, it does not have any type of manual functionality. It simply recognizes your facial features and translates them automatically. You can use this software to enhance your image and thus get a new look. As we know that facial recognition is one of the most advanced security measures available on android devices, the Huawei Y6’s facial recognition has made it more popular among android users.

Huawei Y6 2019 Review – Media Player

Another important feature of the smartphone is its media player. It supports MMS and HEAR calling which are two very useful media functions that help you listen to your favorite music while you are on the move. The music player of the smartphone has been enhanced with TFT display which can be easily seen on any LCD TV or PC monitor. This is another great feature of the smartphone, which is a plus of this smartphone. If you want to keep track of your music playlist on your smartphone then the handset of the HTC Y series is the best one for you.

A Comfortable Smartphone

We are sure that you would like your phone to be comfortable to use. That is why the huawei y6 pro has designed with your comfort in mind. This smartphone has a soft touch front glass with a textured back cover. This allows you to grip the phone gently. There is no pressure on the buttons because the soft touch front glass is there to reduce this. You can even use it without your gloves.

Amazing Features That Value Your Money

With a powerful chipset, huge memory space and a huge battery, you can never go wrong with these handsets of the HTC series. You can browse the internet easily using the HTC it’s own browser and you can even watch your favourite movies with high quality sound. With a beautiful HD screen and a beautiful body too, you will not regret purchasing the Huawei y6 brand. So, if you are planning to buy a new handset or want to know what are the unique features of the huawei y6. Thereafter, read our Huawei y6 2019 review which will tell you about the excellent features of these mobiles.

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