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Dell Linx 12x 64 – Is it Really the Best Choice For a Touch Screen Laptop?

Linx 12x 64

If you’ve spent any time at all shopping around for a laptop, you’ve probably seen both the Apple MacBook Air and the Microsoft Surface Pro, two popular choices made by Apple. However, it seems that some people are actually more impressed with the Dell XPS line. In this article, we will compare the Dell Linx 12x 64 to the MacBook Air and see which one is the better choice.

The first thing that a consumer needs to decide when purchasing a laptop is the size of the laptop – does the MacBook Air or the Surface Pro need to have a larger screen? The Dell Linx 12x 64 beats the MacBook Air hands down because of the larger screen. The difference between the two notebooks is only the size of the Touch Screen. Both notebooks have touch screen displays, but the Dell Linx 12x 64 has a screen that is two times larger than the MacBook Air’s.


The Dell Linx 12x 64 has much better performance, especially in the speed and efficiency department. The screen is also very bright, which makes it easier to read text or view images in full daylight. When it comes to comparing the two laptops side by side, one thing that stands out immediately is the large difference in the max. The max contrast ratio, which refers to how big of an image can be displayed at any given point in the screen, is much higher on the Dell XPS 12x 64 than on the MacBook Air, showing a contrast ratio of over 1000 versus just under 100.

Battery Life

Another important feature of the Dell XPS vs the MacBook Air is battery life. On the surface, both machines perform well when it comes to overall battery life. The Linx 12x 64 lasts for several hours between charges while the MacBook Air only last for around four hours between charges. One way that the batteries on the Dell Linx 12x 64 are better is the fact that the power manager allows you to turn off the screen after using. However, the MacBook Air also allows you to do this.

MacBook Air Vs. Dell Linx 12x 64

In terms of performance, both machines are very comparable. Neither laptop has an advantage over the other. They both use high spec processors and they both have the detachable keyboard. The major differences between the two laptops lie with the screen size. The screen on the linx 12x 64 is about the same size as that of the MacBook Air and it doesn’t weigh much more than three-hundred grams, which is even lighter than the MacBook Air.

Affordable Price

For those who are on a budget, the Dell XPS is the better machine to go with. The battery life for this tablet is better than that of the MacBook Air and it costs about the same as six hundred dollars. Those on a budget who want something with plenty of storage and a large screen could do worse than choosing the Dell linx 12x 64.

Screen & Processor

If the screen and processor are important to you, then the Dell XPS 12x 64 is the better choice. You will find many people complaining that their laptop’s batteries die out too quickly, but this isn’t the case with the linx 12x 64. The battery life is about average for these types of touch screen laptops. It also has all the amenities you would come to expect from a laptop, including a full touchpad, a decent keyboard, a high definition screen, an optical drive, and plenty of room for storage. In short, the surface pro is a good choice for anyone looking for a touch screen laptop that still performs well.

Dell linx 12x 64 – A Best Option

On the other hand, if you need the highest level of processing power and memory, the Dell linx 12x 64 might be the best option for you. It has two quad-core processors, four gigs of RAM, a hard drive that is the same size as the MacBook Air, and a generous five gigabits worth of hard drive space. The battery life is about average for these types of laptops, though, and it will take a little longer to boot up and use the screen as compared to the MacBook Air. So which one should you get?

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